About Us

Elissa Cohen’s hands-on leadership involves every piece of work.

Since 1989, she has crafted pieces of the finest quality from her Kowloon atelier. The inspiration stems from her natural love and affinity for jewellery.

Informed by pop culture and heirloom elegance alike, Elissa brings a modern twist to an age-old craft. Her four decades in the trade have made her one of Hong Kong’s most trusted names in the industry.

“Good pieces are always en vogue, everything comes back into fashion.”
- Elissa Cohen

Growing up in Hong Kong, Elissa was immediately drawn to the detailed craftsmanship and hard work that goes into honing fine jewellery. Her introduction to the industry came at a gala dinner, when an experienced professional was charmed by the creations she had for her personal collection – and offered her a job on the spot.

From movie celebrities and royalty to chief executives and politicians, her clientele value her insight – and a no-nonsense, discreet approach that makes sure it’s all about the end product. Her painstaking research draws on inspiration from pieces both classic and contemporary, from periods from art deco to the digital age. When not in her studio or workshop, she’s sure to be found pouring over her extensive library of jewellery books depicting collections both past and present.

Her business has grown purely by word of mouth, and she prides herself on her reputation for reliability and first-class service. Whether whimsical or practical, Elissa listens to the needs of her customers and crafts whatever their hearts desire.

Her ready-to-wear collections nod towards the modern, often spliced with splashes of colour. Her bold designs use only the best-quality gemstones from around the world – and every item is one she is proud to stand behind.

“The jewellery business is all based on trust.”
- Elissa Cohen

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