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Thesys Wealth Management is a Hong Kong based wealth solutions provider with a dynamic approach to asset management. We provide High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and professional investors with investment advisory services on a versatile platform.

With the flexibility to approach each client situation afresh and in a personal manner, we can take the asset management tools that we have, and develop a relevant and tailored solution.

Being established in one of Asia’s main financial hubs reflects the evolving nature of our approach and, more importantly, our clients. The global changes in the financial system are well documented and there are new and important centres developing away from the traditional bases.

Delivering Risk-Adjusted Performance

Using our proprietary platform, we partner with clients to advise on the structure of their assets for each situation. The platform also delivers investment options from our range of funds that cover traditional asset classes and cutting edge non-correlated products in progressive wealth solutions.

Capital Protection for the Future

Thesys works with clients on Succession Planning and Family Governance as well as other complex issues that are crucial to wealth generators in the modern world. These services are based on our deep understanding of the needs of HNWI and the changing international landscape.

Reassurance from Partners

Working with blue chip administrators and auditors (Amicorp and KPMG) and highest quality prime brokers and custodians (Morgan Stanley and Citigroup) whilst tapping into the expertise of market leaders to advise on investment decisions provides reassurance to clients about the stability of the Thesys platform.



How is risk managed?

Investments can go down and an investor’s capital is at risk in making an investment. Thesys tries to mitigate these as far as possible with strong risk management and capital protection elements. A key aspect of this is the high level of liquidity available in all Thesys funds, which reduces a major source of risk. An investor could consider a balanced portfolio, including uncorrelated assets, to produce the desired risk profile. The Thesys team will work with each individual client to explain the risks involved and also understand the investment expectations.

What are uncorrelated funds?

Many investment funds are correlated to the global markets in some manner through exposure of underlying constituents. Uncorrelated funds, such as the two algorithmic funds managed by Thesys, have no such exposure. As such the returns that are gained from these funds bear no relation to the movements of any market. This provides a compelling addition to an investor’s portfolio.

Who manages these funds and where are they domiciled?

The funds are all managed by Thesys and the two principals of the company. The funds are domiciled in the Cayman Islands and Curacao as per the term sheets.

If you have more questions regarding the funds or the company, please contact us.



The name Thesys was inspired by the challenge of providing ideas and solutions to meet client needs. This concept drives the philosophy as we believe that HNWI and professional investors have evolving requirements in asset management. We have developed new approaches that meet emerging needs and use a dynamic platform that has the capability to evolve with future requirements.

We believe that investors have a new risk profile and appetite that established investment management models may not be able satisfy. Managing the risk and understanding the client’s risk profile is our primary concern, and any Thesys solution will make use of the following tools:


our investment funds have prudent hedging structures to reduce volatility


is now a must for investors and all our fund options offer attractive redemption options

Uncorrelated Returns

with global markets and traditional asset classes showing their correlation over recent years, new uncorrelated funds offer attractive returns

Capital Protection

is paramount for any wealth creator and Thesys product and asset structure look to maximize this based on investor profile

We have encapsulated the Philosophy: Stability, Flexibility and Performance


Fund Information

Thesys manages a portfolio of funds that offer investors options across correlated and non-correlated asset classes. The funds are selected and run in line with the Philosophy of the team and brought together to provide a new perspective to asset management for our clients.

Non-correlated Investments

Since 2008, investors have rightly started looking at their investments from a new perspective, not least how connected the markets around the world are. Thesys believes that there could be a place for non-correlated investment as a new allocation within a model portfolio.

The team at Thesys has developed two algorithmic funds with compelling strategies and characteristics. These are performance driven and an important alternative component within a balanced portfolio.


The Zefiro Fund uses an algorithm that identifies opportunities to buy or sell against the single currency pairing of the USD/EUR. This particular pairing gives liquidity and the volatility needed to create opportunities for active trading. To act as a failsafe, the positions of the algorithm are overseen by a trader. The fund benefits from a cumulative capital protection element as well, in line with Thesys’ philosophy towards investment management.

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The Syberian Fund trades on 6 Futures Indices from around the world balancing long/short positions on these. The appeal of this fund is its low entry point making it an attractive option for investors who may be deterred by the levels of other funds. The fund also benefits from Thesys’ high levels of risk management and has a stop/loss built-in to offer protection to investors.

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Traditional Asset Classes

Both equity and fixed income are a vital part of an investor’s balanced portfolio. However, there is a need to be more selective, and to understand the risk profile of these asset classes. Thesys offers investors two options in these traditional investment areas.


The Jade Fund is an equity based long/short hedge fund with a technology sector bias. The current focus is the growth area of US biotech sector, but the mandate is highly flexible. The key strategy of the fund is to capture the growth offered by up and down trends during intermediate terms in the markets.

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The Cyrus fund compliments the others managed by Thesys by investing in High Yield Fixed Income instruments. The fund provides global exposure with an emphasis on absolute returns. The target composition is opportunity led and taps into the primarily the expanding corporate sector.

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Asset Protection Solution

The Thesys investment management offering is delivered using the dynamic protection of the Goldfinger solution. This product provides the ability to develop a segregated portfolio to investors creating versatility, privacy and protection. This is an important part of our Succession Planning and Family Governance solutions.

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The Team


Edoardo Cignoli

Mr. Cignoli is the President and Fund manager for the Thesys portfolio.

Through his role as a financial advisor to institutional and private clients, Mr. Cignoli has a proven and successful record with extensive experience in asset management and allocation

In early 1999, Mr. Cignoli founded his first private investment and advisory company, working with select clients and creating important investment relationships.

Immediately prior to this, Mr. Cignoli served as Director of Special Business Affairs back at Banca di Roma, reporting directly to President Prof. Capaldo. Between 1993 and 1994, Mr. Cignoli was the Exchange Agent for Sammartino, an operative partner of Merrill Lynch. He began his career as the Manager of Investments for Private Clients at Banca di Roma until 1989, followed by serving as Director of Stocks and Asset Allocation at Deutsche Bank Frankfurt until 1992.

Andrea Romano
Partner and CEO

Mr. Romano is Partner and CEO of Thesys. Prior to this role, he was Partner and Managing Director of FACT Hong Kong, a multi-family office that provides independent wealth management advice to Ultra-High and High Net Worth Families and Individuals.

Before he moved to Hong Kong Mr. Romano was the Head of Risk Management at CMB Banque Privée (Suisse) SA, Switzerland from 2009 to 2010, where he was responsible for asset management and risk management activities for different portfolios. Clients included those invested across the asset classes.

From 2005 to 2008, Mr. Romano was the Head of Risk Management for SG Private Banking (Lugano-Svizzera) SA in Switzerland where he was responsible for providing credit and market risk management for the portfolio, and also for providing regular stress testing.

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